This year’s social responsibility awareness campaign for Purina was themed “Adopt Don’t Shop” – because life is simply better with animals! To address our target group with #purinahilft, we launched an online campaign together with the agency P8 and a celebrity cast such as Maggie Entenfellner, Andreas Schmid and Sasa Schwarzjirg, including a specially created face filter on Instagram. Every online interaction in the form of likes, posts or shares was converted by Purina into a pet food donation. In addition, we took our cause to the streets in the form of a roadshow where interested people could donate on the spot with their own “Pet Match” in our XXL photo donation box and also take home a free sample for their loved ones. The donations went to various animal shelters such as Pfotenhilfe Lochen, Tierheim Purzel & Vicky, TierquarTier and many more. In total, we were able to collect 37,019 full food bowls.