We play every genre, find the right presentation for every brand and every target group! We like to compare marketing disciplines with music styles and see ourselves as composers that play the communication-piano like a pro. A campaign is like a big music production and we go to any lenghts for a successful promotion. The star of the show is the product, the brand, the service, and behind every successful performance stands a large crew. We are blessed with a well-rehearsed, experienced team with many dedicated members. No matter if soloists, backround singers, engineers, managers, runners, or roadies. Every team member knows his role and masters his genre. We know that it needs every single one of us to turn the show into a success.

Rock for us means live & loud – on stage, within a stone's throw of our target group. We rock your event from start to finish - invitation management, logistics, light and sound as well as follow ups.
Pop means being a hit for the customer and always staying up to date. That's why promotional BTL productions are the Pop of marketing for us.
Indy for us means being successful aside of the mass (media). Activites that are not off the rack. Customized and exactly fitting your brand. We make brands come to life across all borders.
We orchestrate classic advertisements offline and online. Thought through, strategically fitting the brand, and media-compatibly staged.

our showcases