FELIX is celebrating its 25th birthday and we are all celebrating with it! The start of the promotion was heralded with a big kick-off event in Vienna’s Donauzentrum. Haber&Hold took care of the program and ensured that stars such as dance professionals Katharina Menzinger, Vadim Garbuzov, Willi Gabalier and presenter Sasa Schwarzjirg celebrated the big anniversary of our favourite cuddly tiger with us. As a surprise act, 77 Sunset Strip performed and really got the Donauzentrum in a party mood. After this fitting start, the FELIX collection promotion could really take off! Not only did we hand out around 45,000 samples to visitors to our promotion stand, they could also collect all their FELIX product invoices and redeem them for great rewards. DIVISION 4 took care of the implementation of the event and the promotion. Cheers to a quarter of a century of FELIX!



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